Communication strategies for Wellness
Since nowadays Thermal and Wellness tourism is becoming more and more successful, a press agency is definitely the best way to promote a high level health and beauty Spa on the Italian market in order to increase your company’s visibility and, as a natural consequence, the number of your Italian clients.
Specialized in Thermal Tourism and Wellness Blu Communication guarantees its clients a year-long coverage on the main Italian newspapers and magazines as long as radio and tv through a constant relation with a mailing list of more than 20000 journalists involved in wellness, tourism, lifestyle and health.
Thermal Baths, Thermal Hotels and Resorts, Spas, Luxury Hotels are now our main clients.

Blu Communication is a marketing and press agency, specialized in Thermal Tourism and Wellness,which was created to guarantee its clients a year-long coverage on the main Italian magazines as long as radio and tv. Our clients are usually Thermal Baths, Thermal Hotels and Resorts, Spas, Luxury Hotels.

The agency’s vocation is wrapped in its name: blu. This colour immediately evokes the sky and the sea, but also the idea of holiday and rest. The sound of the word itself is fluid, liquid. Blu like the water of thermal springs, recreational pools, thalassotherapic sea, but also blu like interior peacefulness, relaxation, in one word psychophysical wellness.

We offer:

  • Press and public relations consultancy in order to assure our clients a constant and effective relation with Italian media
  • A long-term specific experience in the field of Wellness tourism
  • A comprehensive communication strategy and a target range focused media planning which mixes advertises and articles to optimize the coverage all year long.

How we do it

  • We have a constantly updated mailing list with more than 2000 journalists and free lances specialized in the field of Tourism and Wellness

 The press

  • Panorama, L’Espresso, Amica, Donna Moderna, Anna, Gioia, Glamour, Elle, Panorama Travel, Gente Viaggi, Gulliver, Qui Touring, Obiettivo Benessere, Suite Benessere, Star Bene, Repubblica, Il Giorno, La Stampa, Il Corriere, TTG, Travel Quotidiano, Convegni etc. are just some of the newspapers and magazines we refer to on a regular basis sending press releases and information about our clients.

Main Activities

Basic press docs: It’s a specific communication tool to provide general information. It consists in an historical profile of the company, a detailed description of its location, its structure and the services it offers as well as factual information about target range, company’s strategies and some photographs

  • Press kit – Fact sheets and press releases.
  • Image database – It’s a digital picture archive (provided by the client). All files have to be in both low and high resolution so that we can provide them quickly to the journalists
  • Mailing List – Based on the company’s needs. We’ll detect the right newspapers and magazines and the right journalists to whom refer to, focusing our attention only on the proper target.
  • Educationals – Planned journeys with a selected group of journalists.
  • Press Conferences
  • Press Reviews
  • Trade Shows and New Products Introduction consultancy

 Our long-term experience in such a well-defined market field as Thermal Tourism and Wellness as long as our reliability and professionalism are at your Service


CONSULTANCY: With our professionalism and experience we can provide the right materials for each Media; we also select the most suitable media target and plan the communication timing so that it fits perfectly with the editorial unit needs. Our constant and personal contact with every journalist assures the effectiveness of the communication.

STRATEGY : After meeting our clients we figure out what are their needs and aims; after that we arrange a communication strategy to assure them the best possible visibility. We’re proud to say that in all these years we have conquered and constantly increased our client’s trust in our services thanks to our deep knowledge about media and our constant contact with editorial units and specialized journalists. Our motto is to provide the best results with the lowest budget

IMAGE : The image of a place is composed by small details which define its style and shape its strong points elegantly and harmonically. Still photograph and video are meant to be the perfect media to communicate that image. That’s why at Blu Comminication, whenever we have to invent an appealing coordinated image for our clients’ brochures and catalogues, we always work with well known national and international photographers, as well as expert graphic designers.

EDITING: Blu Communication is specialized in writing any kind of Press Agency related documents – Press Releases, Press Kits, Speeches and Outlines as well as Web Contents, Videos, Newsletters, House Organs, Brochures and Dossiers

EVENTS: Blu Communication organizes Press Conferences, Round Tables, Exhibitions, Premieres, Incentive Journeys and Press Journeys in collaboration with experts for the best possible result.

Blu Communication offers the most suitable communication strategies for those who want to promote their company on the Italian market